When participating as an individual in IEEE 802 LMSC activities, the following affiliations are declared by activity.

Task Group, Role, Activity Affiliations
802.19 S1GH Chair Blind Creek Associates
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories (MERL)*
802.19 Other Blind Creek Associates
802.18 Blind Creek Associates
UWB Alliance
802.15 WG Treasurer Blind Creek Associates
802.15 TEG Blind Creek Associates
802.15.4z Blind Creek Associates
UWB Alliance
NXP Semiconductors*
All other 802.15 Blind Creek Associates
All other 802 Blind Creek Associates


Note: These affiliation declarations are for the purposes of full disclosure and compliance with IEEE-SA and IEEE 802 LMSC participation and shall not be interpreted as a representation for any other purpose.

With respect to companies indicated by *, neither Benjamin A. Rolfe nor Blind Creek Associates are authorized to make any representation, agreement or commitment on behalf of these companies, and we (Benjamin Rolfe and Blind Creek Associates) have no authority to act as an agent or representative of these client companies.

In all participation within IEEE 802 LMSC, Benjamin A. Rolfe participates as an individual based upon individual technical expertise and opinions.